I live on the edge of Westernport Bay on the Mornington peninsula.
A place where I holidayed since a small child and where I moved permanently with my husband more than 40 years ago and raised our children.
A place that is integral to my work and who I am.

I have always drawn. I studied industrial design in the mid 70’s and paid employment always involved drawing, especially as both draftsman and printer’s artist. I later designed, printed and dyed scarves for the corporate and retail markets which worked perfectly alongside creative work as a textile artist.

Life changes and when I received injuries to both arms in a car accident so did my work. The change was in both the scale and the medium.  I once printed, dyed, layered and stitched on wool, silk and cotton on large frames. I now etch on a very small scale using  non-conventional methods to develop a complex layering of multiple images and colour much as I once did with print, dye and stitch.